The 25th Bled eConference
The first 25 Years of the Bled cConference

Special Issue

Research paper

The First 25 Years of the Bled eConference: Themes and Impacts
Roger Clarke
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Automatic Semantic Trend Analysis of the Bled eConference: 2001-2011
Heinz Dreher
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The Use of ICT to support Regional Developments: Contributions from the Bled eConference
Hans-Dieter Zimmermann
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From MCom Visions to Mobile Value Services
Christer Carlsson, Pirkko Walden
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Business Models Tooling and a Research Agenda
Harry Bouwman , Mark De Reuver , Sam Solaimani , Dave Daas, Timber Haaker , Wil Janssen , Paul Iske , Bastiaan Walenkamp
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25 Years of Research into the Management of eTechnology Projects
Julie Cameron
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Inter-organizational Information Systems: From Strategic Systems to Information Infrastructures
Stefan Klein , Kai Reimers , Robert B. Johnston
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Generating Procedural Controls to Facilitate Trade: The Role of Control in the Absence of Trust
Roger W.H. Bons , Ronald M. Lee , Vu Hoang Nguyen
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User Acceptance of Electronic Commerce: Contributions from the Bled eConference
Hans van der Heijden
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Editors’ Introduction
Roger Clarke, Andreja Pucihar, Jože Gričar
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