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16:00 - 17:30

Web Enabled Disaster and Crisis Response: What Have We Learned from the September 11th

John R. Harrald, Director & President Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management (ICDRM), George Washington University & The International Emergency Management Society - TIEMS, Unites States
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Dennis M. Egan, Captain & Director
United States National Response Center, United States
Information Security Concerns in Disaster Response and Recovery
Theresa Jefferson, Professor
Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management, George Washington University, United States
Medical Environment Concerns in Disasters Response and Recovery
Edita Stok, Counsellor to the Government
Disaster and Military Medicine, Ministry of Health, Slovenia & Member of the Board of Directors of World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine - WADEM & Member of NATO Joint Medical Committee

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Bojan Žmavc, Director
Protection and Rescue Administration, Ministry of Defense, Slovenia

Panel contributions