Implementing Identity Management Technology and Processes for Europe’s Government’s: GUIDE in practice

June 6, 2006
09:00 - 10:30
Hotel Golf - Jupiter Hall 2

Lia Borthwick
British Telecommunications, plc, United Kingdom

Contact Person: Dr Philip Seltsikas (

Identity Management to support cross-border eGovernment applications in the Social Security Domain
Gerrit Ros
British Telecommunications plc, The Netherlands

Organisational, Political and Societal Identity Management issues for Pan-European interoperable eGovernment services
Kamelia Stefanova

University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Identity Management to support cross-border eGovernment applications in the Public Procurement (e-Procurement & eTendering) Domain
Philip Seltsika
University of Surrey, United Kingdom

The analysis of Stakeholder Opinion on electronic identity
Orlando Plunkett-Green
Infonic, United Kingdom


This panel focuses on a highly complex and sensitive area in eGovernment: The Management of Electronic Identity(ies). The panellists will draw from their experience in project GUIDE GUIDE is a 6th Framework Integrated Project which is part funded by the European Commission. See for further details. (Government User Identity for Europe) to debate a wide spectrum of ‘identity’ issues. These issues include technology, process, political, organisational, societal, and stakeholder issues and challenges. Project GUIDE has implemented its first multi-lateral cross-border identity management trial for eGovernment – the first of its kind. The panellists will describe the challenges in implementing identity management trials in Social Security for EU Migrant Workers and Cross-Border e-Procurement. The lessons that have been learned will be presented.

Identity management at a European level is a critical enabler for the creation and adoption of what are known as Pan-European government services – and the e-Government applications that support these. Without an identity management mechanism that can operate at a European level, these services, as currently envisaged cannot be created. GUIDE has endeavoured to develop a solution for Europe that respects Member State subsidiarity and can cope with Europe’s technological, social and political diversity. GUIDEs trials have gone some way to proving that such a pan-European solution can be made to work – but there is still a considerable way to go to full commercial and political adoption of such a system.

Little research has been conducted in this domain to date due to the fact that the European management of electronic identity, and the cross-border interoperability of e-Government applications at the level of identity, remains unimplemented. The panellists will essentially be presenting the first research results from the first implementation of a completely unique information system. The panel itself brings together academics and industry practitioners and fits well with this year’s conference theme.