The Research Stream

The Research Stream

The Bled eCommerce Conference has featured research papers since its inception in 1987. A fully refereed Research Stream was established in 1995, running four parallel streams of about 50 papers each year, with an acceptance rate generally around 50%.

Since 1995, a strategic partnership with the leading journal, the International Journal of Electronic Commerce (IJEC), has resulted in the publication of a series of Special Sections of the journal. Also, since 1999, the Research Stream has included an Outstanding Paper Award, whose winners are listed elsewhere on this web-site.

How To Get the Papers

The full-text is available directly from this page for all of the c. 250 papers since the 14th conference in 2001. Go to the relevant Conference entry below.

In addition, the papers have been loaded into the e-Library of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), and are accessible by AIS members.

Orders for earlier hard-copy or CD versions should be addressed to the Assistant to the Conference Chair, Gregor Lenart.

The Conferences
The Conference Chair in all cases has been Joze Gricar, Uni. of Maribor, Slovenia

For each conference, the name and affiliation is provided of the distinguished individuals who have chaired the Research Stream.

20th Conference (2007) – Chair M. Lynne Markus, Bentley College, Mass.

19th Conference (2006) – Chair Pirkko Walden, Abo Akademi University, Finland

18th Conference (2005) – Chair Doug Vogel, City University of Hong Kong

17th Conference (2004) – Chair Yao-Hua Tan, Free University of Amsterdam 16th Conference (2003) – Chair Rolf T. Wigand, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 15th Conference (2002) – Chair Claudia Loebbecke, University of Köln 14th Conference (2001) – Chair Bob O'Keefe, Brunel University, London 13th Conference (2000) – Chair Stefan Klein, University of Münster, Germany 12th Conference (1999) – Chair Stefan Klein, University of Münster, Germany 11th Conference (1998) – Chair Georgios J. Doukidis, Athens University of Economics and Business 10th Conference (1997) – Chair Doug Vogel, University of Arizona 9th Conference (1996) – Chair Paula Swatman, Monash University, Melbourne 8th Conference (1995) – Chair Roger Clarke, Australian National University
Outstanding Paper Award
The Winners
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