ePrototype Bazaar: The Undergraduate and Graduate Students Prototype Presentation

Call for participation

Since 2000, undergraduate and graduate student prototype presentations (ePrototype Student Bazaar) form an integral part of the annual Bled eConference.

This annual student workshop resulted from three executive meetings which took place at the Bled conferences between 1997 and 1999. The initial meetings were in Slovene language only and focused on experiences of eCommerce prototypes developed at Universities’ research laboratories. The Students Bazaar became in International event in 2000 due to the steadily growing interest of conference participants, and in particular, from International Institutions.

More than 40 ePrototypes were presented since the bazaar’s inauguration in 2000 and previous events can be viewed under the link “Previous Bazaar Events”.

The Bazaar is a combined “trade fair” and “poster session” providing students with the opportunity to present and discuss their eCommerce/eBusiness prototypes with fellow conference participants and Industry experts. Preference will be given to prototypes proposing innovative or revolutionary eCommerce/eBusiness solutions and new ways to its implementation, as well as new ideas for conducting business in global eMarkets.

Invitation to students

The Bazaar is intended for students aiming at the honours, masters or doctoral level but it is not an outlet for what might otherwise be a full conference paper.

Students should submit a concise document (not exceeding 2 pages) describing their ePrototype and submissions must be supported by the students’ professor/supervisor.

Prototype presenters will be given a grant to waive 50% of the conference fee and have hotel accommodation provided.

Invitation for professors

In order to attract and encourage students from various universities all over the world to present their prototypes at the Bazaar event, we would like to invite professors who are working with students developing eCommerce/eBusiness prototypes to join the admission committee.


Andreja Pucihar, assistant professor & Head of eMarkets Laboratory
eCenter, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia (Andreja.Pucihar@FOV.Uni-Mb.si)

Matt Glowatz, College Lecturer
Department of Management Information Systems, School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland (Matthias.Glowatz@ucd.ie)
Invitation to Students
Invitation to Professors
Previous Bazaar Events