eCommerce Management Issues

Wednesday, June 11
11.00 - 12.30 Hotel Kompas, Jezerska Hall
eCommerce Management Issues: eOperational, ASP Application and eBusiness Risk Models
Dirk Deschoolmeester, Professor
Management & Information Systems, De Vlerick School of Management, University Gent, Belgium
eOperational Model: Correlating x-Service Provision to the IT/IS Function for Innovation and Alignmentand Alignment
Christina Silveira, Research Officer
Philip Seltsikas, Director of IST-RG
Robert O’Keefe, Professor & Head of School
School of Management, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Understanding the Important Issues of Concern in the Adoption of an ASP Application Model
David Sammon, Lecturer
Des McAuley, Research Student
Frederic Adam, Statutora Lecturer
Business Information Systems, University College Cork, Ireland
The Board View of Electronic Business Risk
Jordan Ernest, Professor
David Musson, Researcher
Macquarie Grad School of Management, Macquarie University, Australia