Visa requirements

Here we inform you about some general fact on slovenian visa procedure:
Person who requires an entry or a transit visa to enter Slovenia may obtain a visa at a diplomatic/consular mission of the Republic of Slovenia under the following conditions:

1. The visa applicant fills in the visa application form, produces a valid passport, attaches a recent photo and, if necessary, documents confirming the purpose of the visit and evidence of adequate means of subsistence for the time of the visit and the return home or for transit into a third country.

2. Documents indicating the purpose of travel include:
  • for business trips: official invitation from the company or the organisation in Slovenia;
  • for tourist travels: organised tour, voucher or receipit issued by a tourist agency or hotel certifying their obligations towards guests
  • for private visits: an invitation by the contact person in Slovenia (letter of guarantee), certified by a notary evidencing that the accommodation is guaranteed and that subsistance and other costs during the visit (including costs for departure) are covered.
It is not possible to get/ply for visa at the airport in Ljubljana .

More and detailed information is available at Ministry of the Interior web site

Visa application form:

Ministry of Interior