Tuesday, June 10
16.00 - 17.30 Hotel Kompas, Triglavska Hall
eCollaboration: Internet Groupware Systems, Information Sharing and Interorganizational Relationships
Douglas R. Vogel, Professor & Chair of Information Systems
Department of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong, SAR, China
Interorganisational Information Sharing and the Use of Decision Aids in Category Management
Frans Feldberg, Assistant Professor
Hans van der Heijden, Associate Professor
Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Impact of eBusiness Supply Chain Technology on Inter-Organisational Relationships: Stories from the Front Line
Belen Icasati-Johanson, PhD Student
Steven John Fleck, PhD Student
Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield,. United Kingdom
Internet Groupware Systems for Project Management: Experiences from a Longitudinal Study
Petra Schubert, Professor & Research Director eBusiness
Uwe Leimstoll, Scientific co-worker
Institute for Business Economics, University of Applied Sciences Basel, Switzerland
Nicholas Romano, Assistant Professor
Oklahoma State University, United States