Scenario Building for eGovRTD2020

June 6, 2006
14:00 - 17:30
Hotel Golf - Libertas Hall

eGovRTD2020 Workshop: Future scenarios of eGovernment 2020
Hotel Golf, Cankarjeva 4, 4260 Bled, room Libertas
6th June 2006
14.00-14.10Introduction and welcome, project and workshop goals (Maria Wimmer)
14.10-14.20State of play in eGovernment research – results from WP 1 (Maria Wimmer)
14.20-14.30Scenarios methodology (Marijn Janssen or Melanie Bicking)
14.30-15.15Splitting into groups (max 6 persons per group)
Brainstorming about 2020 scenarios in terms of visions of society and market, technology, government and how these interact in a future environment.
15.15-15.30Describing the scenarios within a provided template
15.30-16.00Coffee break
16.00-16.40Presentations of the scenarios by each group using the template (max 10 minutes per group)
16.40-17.30Discussion and evaluation
–Postive and negative implications of each scenario
–Extending the scenarios (what’s missing)
–Voting by rating the probability of each scenario
17.20-17.30Conclusions, next steps and thanking the participants (by Workshop organisers)

To plan for the requested capacities, we kindly ask for registration via the registration form no later than 30th of May, 2006!
Project funded by the EC