Case Studies in Research and Teaching

June 6, 2006
16:00 - 17:30
Hotel Golf - Jupiter Hall 1

Case Studies in Research and Teaching
Petra Schubert, Professor and Director
Institute for Business Economics, University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Paola Bielli, Professor
Area Sistemi Informativi, Bocconi University - SDA, Italy
Stefan Klein, Professor
University College Dublin, Ireland & Universität Münster, Germany
Andras Nemeslaki, Associate Dean of International Affairs
Faculty of Business Administration, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
Roumen Nikolov, Associate Professor
Department of Information Technologies, University of Sofia "St. Kl. Ohridski", Bulgaria
Petra Schubert, Professor & Director
Institute for Business Economics, School of Business, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland
Paul A. Swatman, Professor
School of Computing and Information Science, University of South Australia, Australia
Michael Quade
University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland
Dorina Kabakchieva, International Project Manager
Department of Information Technologies, University of Sofia "St. Kl. Ohridski", Bulgaria

Panel Description

Case studies have been used in universities for two main purposes: (1) Research cases portrait
practical experiences from real-world companies. (2) Teaching cases serve as a common
method for the transfer of knowledge, for the stimulation of class room discussion, and as an
instrument for joint group work. In this panel, experts in the writing and application of case
studies will give an insight into their experiences. After a short introduction into the different
kinds and possibilities of case studies, we will have an open discussion about involved issues
of gathering and applying case study material. The panel is organised by the EUREXIS
Network of Excellence. The session represents an official meeting of the network members
and interested parties. It is open to all Bled participants who are interested in case study work.

What is your experience with writing case studies?
• Cultural differences
• Willingness of companies and organisations to participate
• Reluctance regarding numbers and figures (because of competitors, laws)
• Preparation: interview grid, equipment, location

Specific methodology used?
• Own or common
• Different case – different method
• Structure
• Figures

Do you (cross-)analyse case studies? Do you use a method?
• Analysing by quality and quantity
• By comparability
• Text analysis
• Type of output (paper, media, book, web)

What are intention, motive and goal in writing case studies?
• Author, company, IT partner
• Knowledge transfer
• Marketing