Cross border Regional Networking for a Triple Helix based development through ICT

June 6, 2006
11:00 - 12:30
Hotel Golf - Concordia Hall

Kjell Peterson
, Secretary General
Ineke Herweijer
, General Coordinator
The TeleRegions Network (TRN), Belgium

Stephan Pascall, Advisor to Director
International Cooperation, New Member States Integration, Regional Aspects and Communications, Information Society and Media Directorate-General, European Commission

Georg Weiers
, Executive Officer
The TeleRegions Network (TRN), Belgium

Colin Wolfe
, Head of Unit E/4, Slovakia and Austria
Regio Directorate-General, European Commission

Panel Description

There could be 5-10 minutes presentations by each participant and then a 30 minutes discussion to:
1-Identify fields of cooperation
2-The organisational structure of an ideal network
3-Areas of common projects
4-Dissemination of good practices-the best way to do it.
5-Barriers and opportunities to cooperation between regions using a through a formal network.