Challenges for the Adoption and Design of eCustoms

June 7, 2006
11:00 - 12:30
Hotel Golf - Jupiter Hall 1

Yao-Hua Tan, Professor of eBusiness
Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherland
Niels Bjorn-Andersen, Professor
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Jože Gričar, Professor & eCenter Director
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Fred van Ipenburg
Dutch Taxation and Customs, The Netherland
Stefan Klein, Professor
University College Dublin, Ireland & Universität Münster, Germany

Panel description

The EU and national governments are faced in international trade with increasing cross-border security concerns and at the same time mounting administrative burdens. Therefore, finding the right balance between control and costs of information gathering and documentation is the key to increase competitiveness of Europe, while protecting its citizens. Issues that could foster this balance are: pan-European interoperable electronic message standards, simplification of customs procedures, based on these electronic messages, and network collaboration models to solve conflicting interests of stakeholders and create political support from national and international governmental organisations (e.g. EU, UN/CEFACT, World Customs Organization) for adoption of these new e-customs procedures. There will be a special focus on the interplay between the different stakeholders in e-Customs development such as commercial companies, tax & customs offices and technology providers, and the role of national and international organisations for e-Customs adoption, and how the different interests of these organisations can be aligned. In the panel these issues will be discussed, and we will discuss the requirements of a methodology to design and adopt simplified e-customs procedures.

Yao-Hua Tan will chair the panel and give an introduction.

Niels Bjorn-Andersen and Joze Gricar will address the dissemination of good e-customs practices throughout Europe and in particular to East Europe and to SME companies

Fred van Ipenburg will discuss the challenges of designing new procedures for e-Customs, and how that relates to initiatives by the EU and World Customs Organization.

Stefan Klein will elaborate on the research challenges for e-Customs.

While discussion will be instigated by the panel members, the nature of the panel is to encourage and moderate the exchange of experience and perspectives between the panelists and the audience. This panel is expected to contribute to policy agendas and will reflect on good practices in developing e-Customs.