Exploring Inter-organisational Information Systems at the Industry Level Participant information

June 5, 2006
14:00 - 15:30
Hotel Park - Kosovel Hall

Exploring Inter-organisational Information Systems at the Industry Level Participant information
Stefan Klein, John Sharkey Professor of Electronic Commerce
University College of Dublin, Ireland
Kai Reimers, Professor of Information Systems
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Rolf Wigand, Maulden-Entergy Chair and Distinguished Professor
Information Science and Management, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, United States
Federico Pigni
Università Cattaneo, Italy
Robert Johnston, Professor
University of Melbourne, Australia
Sherah Kurnia, University of Melbourne, Australia
Shirley Gregor, Professor
Michael Jacobides, Professor
London Business School, United Kindgom
Stephan Billinger
London Business School, United Kindgom

Workshop Description

While the exploration of Inter-organisational Information Systems (IOIS) has a long tradition, studying and analyzing them on the level of a whole industry is a relatively recent endeavour. Increasingly, however, it is becoming clear that major enabling and constraining forces of their evolution can only be understood on this level which is located between the level of a network of firms linked through long-term relations on the one hand and the level of national institutions of a whole country on the other hand. While important institutional aspects are often overlooked on the level of networks of firms, for example how are economic roles defined in the industry? or which forms of collective action have evolved in an industry?, observations on the country level fail to recognize the importance of relationships among firms. Studies of IOIS on the industry level promise to overcome this twofold weakness. However, important conceptual issues remain to be addressed before industry-level studies can realize their full potential. These include:
  • How can the often observed divergence between technical IOIS-structures and structures of firm networks be made sense of? Will shifting analysis to the industry-level resolve this divergence?
  • How should the unit of analysis for IOIS-studies on the industry-level be defined?
  • How are industries shaped by national factors such as national culture, government policy and legal frameworks? Do industries evolve in a path-dependent way or is their evolution contingent but not predetermined? Which implications has this for the evolution of IOIS?
  • How can institutional structures of industries be described so as to be meaningful for understanding the structure and evolution of IOIS?

The format of the workshop will be an open discussion structured by the above list of questions. Participants will be asked to comment on these questions whereby timeslots will be designated for each question so that all questions will be addressed. It is explicitly intended that participants will not make "mini-presentations"; rather, participants will be encouraged to closely relate their comments to the questions as well as to the other participants' remarks and observations. At the beginning of each slot, the chairs will take turns in introducing and motivating the upcoming question. Given the number of questions and an anticipated time frame of 1.5 hours, time slots of ca. 20 minutes for each question are envisaged.