Managing Collaborative and Distributed Team & Project Works

June 5, 2006
14:00 - 15:30
Hotel Golf - Jupiter Hall 2

Gordon Sung, Researcher
CeTIM, Germany
Uroš Hribar, Senior Researcher
University of Maribor, Slovenia
David Balažic, Consultant
Microsoft Slovenia
Robert Korošec, Group leader
Oracle Slovenia
Gregor Lončar, Manager of Software Group
IBM Slovenia
Bernhard R. Katzy, Professor & Director
CeTIM- Center for Technology and Innovation Management
UniBw München, Germany & Universiteit Leiden, The Netherland
Richard Scudder, Chair
Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Department
Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, United States
Pascal Sieber, Director
Swiss Productivity Institute, Switzerland


Today’s businesses are facing the challenges of managing global operation, strategic corporation and alliance across functional departments, and competent partner organizations. The work of these different collaboration forms is often carried out by a specific task force or project team. A team often consists of members located in different places and time zones. Each team member brings in different areas of expertise to accomplish the common and pre-defined goal.

Nevertheless, due to the distributed nature, contemporary coordination and communication of these teams or project works are still very much relaying on telephony, e-mail and traveling. Despite the fact that, there is numerous collaboration technologies which are available and promised to provide better support the collaborative and distributed team or project works.

Therefore, the objective of this panel will focus on practices and productivity measurement when adopting the different collaboration technologies for supporting collaborative team or project works. This panel intends to invite experts not only from collaboration tool designers, providers and users, but also experts who have good experiences in managing a collaborative and distributed team or project works. In a nutshell this panel will address the following issues:

How the collaboration technology is used to support collaborative team or project works?
  • Promises
  • Implementation issues
  • Study cases and user experiences

Which benifts collaboration technology delivers ?
  • Productivity meausrement for collaborative team or project works
  • Convenience and users satisfaction

What are the roadmaps in the development of collaboration tecnologies?


1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Panelists Presentations:

MS Live Communication Server and MS Communicator
David Balažic
Oracle Collaboration Suite
Robert Korošec
IBM Workplace +IBM Workplace Rich Client
Gregor Lončar
Virtual Project Management through VE-Forum Collaboration Platform
Prof. Bernhard R. Katzy
Virtual Project Management Tools for a Small Marketing Firm
Dr. Richard Scudder
E-Collaboration - Opportunities and Threats: Results from a survey with Swiss companies
Dr. Pascal Sieber

3. Open discussion on the focused issues:
  • The presentations will serve as a background and starting point for open discussion.

4. Outcome of the panel:
  • Based on the panel discussion the conclusions will be made and than published on the conference website and the VE-Forum Interest group
  • WWW.VE-Forum.Org/Kooperationstools.

Target Audience
The discussion workshop is design to attract the audience from:

Cooperation managers who need to select technologies
Technology vendors and researchers to position their developments and advertise their technologies
Managers and management researchers concerned with implementation issues and change effects when implementing the collaboration technologies.
Advanced users who will present the case of their usage of collaboration technologies in team or project works
General audience interested in collaboration tools