Creative Team Support Workshop

June 6, 2006
09:00 - 10:30
Hotel Golf - Jupiter Hall 1

Paul Swatman, Professor
School of Computing and Information Science, University of South Australia, Australia
Douglas R. Vogel, Professor (Chair) of IS
City University of Hong Kong, China
Gerhard Schwabe, Professor of Informatics
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Gerald Quirchmayr, Professor
Department of Distributed and Multimedia Systems, University of Vienna, Austria
David Cropley, Associate Professor
Director, Systems Engineering and Evaluation Centre, University of South Australia, Australia

Virtual teams are faced with a variety of challenges in communication, coordination and knowledge management in the general pursuit of eValues. Teams faced with the need to be creative can easily be overwhelmed. Creativity encompasses aesthetic and artistic aspects as well as functional novelty and elegance in a business or engineering context. Management of creativity becomes a task of integrating different kinds of creativity to achieve successful outcomes across a variety of work domains. Processes involving chains of group meetings interspersed with periods of individual focus provoke both technological and behavioural issues and challenges.

The purpose of this workshop would be to further explore issues and engage discussion on Information and Communication (ICT) support for creative teams via a series of prototypes and representations of alternative configurations and options. Specific examples from an engineering disciplinary perspective with special attention to aspects of creativity would be used to illustrate concepts and provide focus. Research in progress as well as future research will be illustrated.